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In recent years, there has been a growing need for conservative organizations. We seek to fill this need, to whatever extent we can. Our goal is to take like-minded individuals, and give them the training, resources, and organizational structure necessary to act upon their beliefs. Scholarship is, absolutely, the central tenant of our group. But, charity, fellowship, and physical defense, are not far behind. On these fronts, we will resolutely seek to live up to the standards set by the men who founded this country- as well as the unattainable standards of the Lord.

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We provide the resources necessary for people to grow and learn at their own pace. We have book clubs, debate groups, regular Socratic seminars, lessons, and much more. The key topics we focus on are reading, writing, philosophy, theology, and apologetics.



Our training consists, mostly, of programs that are put together by individuals within our group, and approved by leadership. From gardening, to firearms training, to medical training, to physical exercise, there are plenty of opportunities for members to learn and grow. Any of our members that have a solid knowledge of a given skillset, are encouraged to work with leadership to create an effective training program.



Our type of charity is almost entirely local. There is no reason for us to cross any borders, all we need to do is cross the street. We assist those in need within our own community, whether that entails helping somebody repair their vehicle, repairing the plumbing of somebody who cannot afford a plumber, or even picking up trash at a local park. Due to our limited resources, we only provide free labor, and do not fund projects. For example, we'll install a new alternator for somebody who's lacking the necessary skills, but we will not buy the alternator. This will likely change as we grow.

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"Morality is a mountain which we cannot climb by our own efforts; and if we could we should only perish in the ice and unbreathable air of the summit, lacking those wings with which the rest of the journey has to be accomplished. For it is from there that the real ascent begins. The ropes and axes are 'done away' and the rest is a matter of flying."

C. S. Lewis, Man or Rabbit

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